The ISO 14001:2015 Standard: Risk based thinking – Protect the environment – Prevent environmental pollution at construction sites

Compliance with environmental regulations is becoming a necessity in the construction industry. The cost of environmental fines for non-compliances, environmental pollution and disposal of waste illegally has significant effect on project performance. 

Clients are starting to demand ISO 14001 certification from contractors as part of winning contracts. CIDB is encouraging contractors to attain ISO 14001:2015 certification. 

Importance of Environmental Management in Construction

Contractors that adopt an Environment Management System (EMS) to develop effective strategies, policies and processes to manage environmental performance can avoid many environmental problems and benefit from the following significant advantages:

  • Cost savings from reduced waste output
  • Lower environmental risks of non-compliances
  • Ease of demonstrating compliance to potential clients
  • Improved reputation through consistently meeting legal obligations

With EMS, contractors can adopt environmental management framework as part of their  planning process focusing on factors that affect the environment. In this way, environmental aspects are identified, environmental impacts are recognised, and best practices are implemented and monitored consistently to deliver enhanced environmental performance. 

With ISO 14001 certification, management will become more actively involved with the EMS, ensuring that the organization’s environmental objectives align with its strategic goals, integrating environmental management into core business processes and fostering a consistent approach across the organisation, projects and the supply chain.

The ISO 14001 Standard

ISO 14001 is an internationally agreed standard that sets out the requirements for an environmental management system. It helps organizations improve their environmental performance through more efficient use of resources, reduction of waste, gaining a competitive advantage and the trust of stakeholders. 

The new version of ISO 14001 standard was published in 2015 to maintain its relevance in today’s marketplace and continue to offer organizations improved environmental performance and business benefits. This is achieved by combining the process approach with risk-based thinking, employing the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle at all levels in the organization, takes into account of regulatory requirements and greater focus on protecting the environment. The framework for ISO 14001:2015 standard is shown below. 

The ISO 14001 environmental management system prescribes best practice requirements to protect the environment as well as enhance organization’s environmental performance. The ISO 14001 has the potential to be a real game changer in preventing environmental pollution at the construction sites and improve the image of the construction industry.

The Benefits of Implementing Environmental Management System (EMS)

The ISO 14001 provides multiple benefits as a result of implementing the EMS.  The benefits to contractors are:

  • helps to comply with legal requirements
  • reduces the cost of environmental incidents and fines
  • savings from efficient use of resources
  • reduces waste and environmental pollution 
  • improves public image of the organization

The Advantages of ISO 14001 Certification

The additional value added for contractors from ISO 14001 certification are:

  • minimizes environmental impacts and improves environmental performance
  • strengthens legal and regulatory compliance
  • provides competitive edge and business opportunities
  • gives credibility and confidence to authorities, interested parties and clients

How Sysnovate can help your Organization?

Sysnovate offers guided toolkit called ISO 14001:2015 Certification Program for new companies seeking for ISO 14001:2015 certification. The program includes preparation of environmental management system or integrated management system documentation, trainings, implementation supports, pre-assessments and preparation for certification. Through Sysnovate 3 Simple Steps of Certification, companies will complete their ISO 14001 certification successfully.

Sysnovate is a management and lean-agile consulting firm providing consultancy and training services for organizations in the property development, construction, engineering, facilities management and related sectors. Sysnovate places emphasis on 3 core pillars: people, process and technology. Its services are focused on integrated quality, environmental, safety and health (QESH) management, ISO management systems, QLASSIC quality assessment system, process and productivity enhancement, lean management and continual improvement.

Training Course from Sysnovate

Sysnovate Solutions offers the following training courses:

  • One Day Awareness Course, “Implementing ISO 14001:2015 and Environmental Management System in Construction”
  • One Day Internal Auditor Course, “ Auditing ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System”

Get your ISO 14001:2015 certification. Do your part for the environment.


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