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Digital Solutions


“What new technology does is create new opportunities to do a job that customers want done.”
~Tim O’Reilly

Digital Collaborative Planning Tool

Digital collaborative planning solution aims to manage and improve design and construction processes to achieve a continuous workflow that is reliable and predictable.


Lean PlanDo is a digital collaborative planning solution for delivering capital projects on-time and within budget. It is built on cloud and mobile based system built on strong Lean fundamentals for improving the projects through effective process control measures.

Lean PlanDo aims to provide the stakeholders a one-true picture through a process of collective planning and real-time collaboration. The system provides both macro and micro planning abilities (CPM + Pull planning + constraint-based planning) for the teams to plan for different levels of details in a progressively structured and systematic way. This improves the information availability as well as the reliability of the information for effective decision making.


The system comprises of deep project analytics through Lean PlanDo Insights which provides both macro analysis of the project and deep insights into root-causes and the nature of the issues. It also identifies the critical issues, the key constraints and bottlenecks affecting the process and the project performance. Lean PlanDo software was developed by Lean Station.

Digital Inspection and Defects Management Tool

FinishLine is a simple yet powerful app to manage various lists used during the construction process. Use it to control your punch list process to quickly document, assign, distribute work orders, and sign-off items. Save time both in the field and back at the office, as FinishLine technology results in a 30-40% reduction in time to inspect, 98% reduction in time to distribute information, and 65% reduction in time to reinspect.


FinishLine is a great easy to use tool for the site team to carry out inspection and punch defects at the project sites during construction and defects liability stages. It replaces the paper-based inspection checklists and defects lists.

Communicating deficiencies with FinishLine improves communication, and provides a detailed record of each non-compliance or defect item, which is stored as data on FinishLine servers that can be accessed during or after project completion.


FinishLine helps to boosts productivity during the construction and closeout of a project. The software communicates with all parties in a project on the important tasks and progress, so that everyone can act as soon as possible. It saves time of repeated inspection and close out of defects.


Unlike many punch list apps on the market which expect customers to do project setups, FinishLine Software is delivered as a turnkey system you can use immediately. Setup is configured to your way of doing things with your preferred reporting options and granular permission settings.


Going digital with the inspection process and defects management. FinishLine is easy to use, so it gets used.

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