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The implementation of “lean construction” philosophy helps companies to adopt a culture of minimizing waste and maximizing value.

What is Lean and Lean Construction?

Lean is a culture of respect and continuous improvement aimed at creating more value for the client while identifying and eliminating waste.

Lean Construction is a philosophy based on the concepts of lean manufacturing. It is about managing and improving the construction process to profitably deliver what the client needs.

Lean Construction borrows from the manufacturing approach developed by Toyota after World War II. Lean Construction promotes a production system approach of the construction project, with a focus on optimizing the project as a whole rather than its individual parts.

By looking at the project as a production system, the lean approach emphasizes flow, continuous improvement, the elimination of waste, and the generation of value for the client throughout the project lifecycle.

Lean Principles

Lean Construction is supported by a set of lean principles that provide a framework for creating an effective and efficient organization. Lean helps to discover and eliminate waste in the work processes and deliver better value for the clients.

The principles encourage creating better flow in work processes and developing a continuous improvement culture. By practicing lean principles, organizations can remain competitive, increase the value delivered to their clients, optimizes the operating cost, and increase their profitability.


Why your organization should adopt Lean Construction?

A growing number of organizations in the construction industry are embracing the Lean Construction approach that emphasizes maximizing value for their clients while minimizing waste. The approach is simple and attractive to the construction industry where budgets, timeframes, quality, safety and environment are critical to successful delivery of projects.

How Sysnovate can help your Organization?

Sysnovate offers Collaborative Planning System, Digital Lean Plan, Do, Digital Inspection and Defects Management and Lean 5S for organizations to improve planning reliability, collaboration and commitment of project teams, and fulfil project goals. Sysnovate provides tools, training and guidance to apply lean construction for your projects.

Sysnovate is a management and lean-agile consulting firm providing consultancy and training services for organizations in the property development, construction, engineering, facilities management and related sectors. Sysnovate places emphasis on 3 core pillars: people, process and technology. Its services are focused on integrated quality, environmental, safety and health (QESH) management, ISO management systems, QLASSIC quality assessment system, process and productivity enhancement, lean management and continual improvement.


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Apply Lean Construction. More Money, Less Waste.