Digital Defects List – Creating Fast and Easy Defects Lists, Save Time and Get the Job Done


Why use Defects Listing Software?

The two biggest benefits are the elimination of:

  • Paper management
  • End-of-day manual entry on inspection checklists and generating update

With Defects Listing Software, you can reconcile completed tasks quickly as they occur, driving efficiencies for staying on schedule and within budget. The software provides a dashboard of information inspection process, defects status and project performance that can support better decision-making.

Features of Defects Listing Software


Simplify the inspection and defects management process

The Defects Listing Apps allows you to complete a defects list walkthrough in minutes while attaching all the essential details about each defect. The defects are marked on the layout plans for each subcontractor with photos and description of defect, type of action and due dates.

Once you are done with your inspection work, you can quickly email the items to the various subcontractors from your smartphone or tablet device without even going back to your office

Conduct efficient site inspection

Our Defects Listing Software gives you the tools you need to plan efficient walkthroughs. The software is customised with templates of inspection items, defect description and attached checklists for effective inspection. It that way, nothing gets forgotten on site.

When reporting non-compliances or defects, you can assign to a trade subcontractor with a due date and specific instructions for action. Comments and photos can be added to the defects list with markings on the drawing layout plan. It this manner, no defects will be overlooked.

Greater flexibility at the project site

The Defects Listing Software has all the features for quick and efficient inspection and defects management on site. The listing of defects is made directly on the digital drawings and there is no need to carry paper-based drawings and checklists when inspection walkthrough is carried out at site.

The Defects Listing software is cloud based operates on apps for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. The mobile apps assist to list defects with greater flexibility at anytime and anywhere at the site.

Unlike the current practice at site offers no flexibility. Once it’s done, it is difficult to add more inspections or minor changes to that paper.

Accurate and complete identification of construction issues

Construction issues at the site comprises of non-compliances, defects, errors, inconsistencies or outstanding work are recorded in the defects list in order to correct them as construction progresses and before handing over the final project. The aim is to meet contract requirements and good quality workmanship standards within construction period for the project.

Issues can a wide range from structural, architectural, fixtures, plumbing, mechanical, electrical and external works defects. Since no completed project is defect free and more reason why a defects list is required to identify and correct the defects.

Generate reports in seconds

It is easy to share your defects list with other parties and particularly to trade subcontractors. Defects reports are generated in PDF format in seconds specific to each trade subcontractor as a to-do-list. The reports are sent to the project team and other selected parties as required such as clients and consultants.

The defects list software makes it easy to gather data and general necessary reports. The types of reports can be tailored based on information required and who is the receiving party. You can set up automatic reports to keep your team up-to-date at all times.

Closeout defects faster

Every defect item reported in the software is highlighted with priority levels and due dates to ensure trade subcontractors complete their defects. Status of defects in the software dashboard are highlighted during subcontractors coordination meetings. Reminders are sent to subcontractors to ensure that defects are rectified and closed promptly. The software can assist to reach closeout of defects faster and smoothly.

How Sysnovate can help your Organization?

Sysnovate offers Digital Defects Listing Software for organizations to boost productivity of construction works and deliver projects that meet client’s expectations, time, cost and quality. Sysnovate provides software, training and guidance to apply digital inspection and defects management for your projects.

Sysnovate is a management and lean-agile consulting firm providing consultancy and training services for organizations in the property development, construction, engineering, facilities management and related sectors. Sysnovate places emphasis on 3 core pillars: people, process and technology. Its services are focused on integrated quality, environmental, safety and health (QESH) management, ISO management systems, QLASSIC quality assessment system, process and productivity enhancement, lean management and continual improvement.


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